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  • Mipacha Backpack

Mipacha Backpack

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Bag and Bracelet Project

Each pair of MIPACHA?s ordered from our web shop is delivered with a FREE hand woven bracelet and an optional backpack made from our residual material. These bags and bracelets are made by local women, situated in the poorer outskirts of Cuzco. MIPACHA has set up a special program where these unemployed women are being trained to become skilled professional artisans. As part of our promise to support the local people, MIPACHA has organised the training programs and provided machines for training and production purposes. Furthermore, MIPACHA develops and purchases all the bags and bracelets for fair prices and delivers them with the MIPACHA footwear. This means that we not only provide a training environment to develop usefull skills for the unemployed women, but also a sustainable working environment where fair prices are paid for the work and products they deliver. The more shoes sold by MIPACHA, the more bags and bracelets have to be made, meaning more positive impact for these women and their communities. MIPACHA strives to provide a sustainable environment for these trained women, where they can produce products for MIPACHA, but also for their own local areas in the future.

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