MIPACHA means ‘my planet’ in the ancient Inca language, and I care!

8 years ago, we started making sustainable products and revolutionised footwear with the most exciting sneakers the world had ever seen. MIPACHA was founded in Cuzco, the heart of Peru. Our high-quality, sustainable footwear is handmade and inspired by the stunning landscapes and vibrant culture of Peru.

We changed sneaker culture and style forever with our colourful, ethically produced sneakers. Over 200.000 pairs of sneakers have been shipped to loyal customers in more than 100 countries around the world.

Top models, actors, artists and athletes like Doutze Kroes, Naomi Campbell, Holland Roden and many others, fell in love with our sneakers, and our philosophy: making kick-ass products with respect for our planet and the people who make them.

Respect for planet & people

Crafted with original designs and textiles from Peru

By local craftsmen with dedication for quality & perfection

Materials used in MIPACHA shoes are sourced locally, or are developed to reach a high level of sustainability.

Our concepts and factories are efficient on materials and processes, reducing waste and carbon footprint substantially. We use block-chain technology for recycled materials to guarantee the source and authenticity.

MIPACHA is also making an exciting range of vegan sneakers and will continue developing sustainable products, packaging and logistical concepts.You can expect much more from us in the future!

Track & trace of recycled materials

Recycling & efficient use of left-over materials

No use of animal products

MIPACHA will stay focused on exciting and timeless products, quality, sustainability and ethical business.

Our facilities have safe working conditions and our employees in Peru benefit from health insurance, maternity leave and a pension system. A micro loaning system for employees allows them to improve their living conditions.

If possible we source locally and pay fair prices for products and services. We give equipment and training programs to people to improve skills, providing extra income and better opportunities for local communities.

We will not cut costs by sourcing cheaper, inferior materials or change to cheaper production facilities at expense of our product quality, sustainability and the working conditions of our employees.

When you buy a pair of MIPACHA's, you’re not only going to receive smiles and compliments everywhere you go, but you also know for sure that you are contributing to make our planet a better place!

Safe, healthy & fair for workers

Local workers, training & investments

Materials from local sources